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Nattai National Park

Nattai National Park to the southwest of Sydney is on the traditional lands of the Dharawal and Gundangarra aborigines. It forms part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and is also an important component of the Warragamba catchment, which supplies most of Sydney’s water. Large areas of the park are classified as wilderness. Nattai_side Six vegetation communities are represented within Nattai National Park. These are:

  • Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland
  • Sydney Sandstone Gully Forest
  • Burragorang Ironbark Woodland
  • Dry Escarpment Forest Complex
  • Moist Escarpment Forest Complex
  • Mittagong Sandstone Woodland

Six threatened plant species have been recorded in Nattai National Park, as well as 27 threatened fauna species (1 frog, 18 birds and 8 mammals).

The works carried out by Bush-it in Nattai National Park include: surveying remote areas for invasive plant species, notification to National Parks and Wildlife Service of locations of weed infestations and treatment of weeds in remote areas. The main weed species found and treated are Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus aggregate) and Willow (Salix species). Blackberry can appear in remote areas as it is spread by birds which eat its fruit, and Willow spreads easily along rivers and creeks, as a broken branch will grow roots and become another tree. Teams from Bush-it regularly spend up to a week camping in the park, locating and treating weed infestations. Weed treatment techniques must be accurate and ecologically sensitive to ensure this important reserve is kept pristine.